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Fixing Sinking Slabs

To take care of sinking slabs, we make use of a technique known as polyjacking. While this process may be similar to mudjacking or slabjacking, it has its differences. For one, polyjacking makes use of a polyurethane foam material whereas mud or slabjacking make use of a messy concrete slurry mix. Also, this repair technique involves drilling holes into the surface of the un-level concrete where the slurry or foaming material will be inserted. With mud or slabjacking, larger holes are needed whereas polyjacking only needs very small holes which can easily be patched over to match with the rest of the surface.

The Process

The polyjacking repair will begin with the surface of the concrete being cleaned off so that no dirt or debris gets inside during the repair. Next, small holes as mentioned above will be drilled into the concrete. The foaming material will be inserted and it will fill up the entire void beneath the sagging concrete. The force of the foam will push the concrete back into place and then we will fill and patch over the holes we made. The foaming material will be able to cure within 15 minutes, and afterward, you will be able to drive or walk over the surface like normal once again. This is yet, another benefit to polyjacking over other more traditional repair techniques.

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